Lara is a multimedia journalist based in Paris, France. She is a full-time reporter for Brut, a digital news platform focusing on social justice issues. She previously worked as English editor of Cafébabel, the first multilingual participatory magazine made by and for young people across Europe.

Along with other freelance work, she is currently leading a cross-border project funded by Reporters in the Field. The project is called Empty Europe and delves into the lives of young people resisting the depopulation of rural areas in France, Italy and Spain.

...to have compassion (co-feeling) means not only to be able to live with the other’s misfortune but also to feel with him any emotion- joy, anxiety, happiness, pain. This kind of compassion (in the sense of soucit, współczucie, Mitgefühl, medkänsla) therefore signifies the maximal capacity of affective imagination, the art of emotional telepathy. In the hierarchy of sentiments, then, it is supreme.
— Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being

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